Applied Game Design

In a world that is getting more and more complex, applied games (or serious games) are a great means for understanding a situation. By simulating places, times and societal contexts we create safe environments in which players can learn. So tell us, what are your learning goals?

Game Facilitation

Are you planning a business or leisure game-event? Are you in need of extra hands, mind, hospitality and playfulness? From serious game runs to poker parties, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Playful Work Tour

Stress at work is occupational disease number 1. More and more young people experience stress and lack of meaning at work. The Playful Work Tour provides insight into how work can become more humane and be fun again. How work can lead to more autonomy, competence, relatedness and meaning. Contact us for more information. 

Highlighted project: School for Ninja

In this gamified community for people that experience burn-out or work stress, players create their own secret ninja-personality. With their personalized anonymous ninja-avatar players enter the online School for Ninja where they find levels that correspond with a particular burnout phase. Players complete a level by executing quests in their daily-life and report on it in their own 'heroic story'. Via the platform and real-life events ninja can connect with each other for coaching, questions and inspiration. All heroic stories combined are input for our joint mission, namely: collecting ingredients for a healthy and energetic society.

This project is currently being developed. More testers are welcome to sign up.

Do you have a burnout? Want to become a ninja? Send a message to or go to the website!

About Sandbxr

In januari 2018 applied game designer Esra van Beelen and Indie-studio Radical Graphics decided to join forces in the ALab game lab in Amsterdam. Together we have knowledge about designing for a real-life purpose ánd the experience of making an entertaining game. It is our shared passion to empathize playfulness in everyday situations. We would like to know what your passion is. Can we make a game about it?

Esra became a game designer after she recovered from her burnout through play. This  experience made her realize how important it is to be playful, especially in the 21st century.  You can read all about this experience in her blog. In 2015 she finished the master Game Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Since then she designed and facilitated applied games for various companies in various fields.

José, Manuel and Alex are game-develop-veterans. They have worked for companies such as Sony and Microsoft before they started their own company Radical Graphics. Next to helping out all kinds of companies with their game related needs they publish their own entertainment games like Xintana Legends and Super Monkey Star.

This is what we love most about the job: When a company asks you to design an applied game, you have to learn about its ins and outs, challenges and possibilities. You co-design with the customer and get to ask the obvious and ridiculous questions. Then you get the companies' stakeholders to play with their own challenge-space. Not only the players, but also the creators learn so much during this whole process. So piece by piece, by designing games we get to learn how our world works (and plays...).

Esra's co-designed games

The Newtonian Shift 2

In cooperation with Fresh Forces (Frisse Blikken) Esra co-designed this applied game about the energy transition for client Eneco. 

Check out the video!

Future Feeders

In cooperation with Fresh Forces (Frisse Blikken) Esra co-designed this applied game about the animal feed chain for client De Heus. 

More info on this project

Dark Market Game

In cooperation with TNO and Interpol Esra co-designed this applied game about policing dark web markets. 

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